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The Birthing of a Book

  I have spent a lot of time this week swinging in my new deck chair with my computer in my lap and thinking and editing and stressing and wishing things were less overwhelming than they were at the moment. I am finally breathing a sigh of relief today (and the gorgeous, warm-but-not-hot weather definitely…

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When Words Manifest Reality

  It was about seven or eight years ago that I sat on my couch with a friend, sipping coffee and catching up, while our kids played upstairs. I was about 6 months pregnant with yet another surrogate baby. “I plan to write a book,” I declared. “Two books in fact.” “Wow, really?” my friend…

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Namaste – When Yoga Brings Forgiveness

  I have recently returned to a yoga phase of my life. I’ve always gone in and out of practice over the past 15 years and right now I’m enjoying an “in” phase – I’ve been practicing steadily for about 6 months now and at least for the time being, I’m filled with the desire…

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